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GBox (GBox Run) empowers iOS users with a potent on-device IPA signing tool, providing seamless sideloading of jailbreak tools, apps, games, console emulators, and tweaked apps on your iPhone or iPad - all without the need for a computer! Whether your device is jailbroken or not, GBox has got you covered.

With GBox Run for iOS, signing and installing IPA files is a breeze. Easily import your own signing certificates or obtain globally available ones to gain access to a vast array of IPA files. Supporting iOS versions 10 through the latest iOS 16 release, GBox offers an alternative to Cydia Impactor right from your Home Screen.

One of GBox's standout features is its ability to handle IPA files, even those exceeding 500 MB in size, making it highly versatile. Say goodbye to cumbersome computer-dependent installations; GBox brings unparalleled convenience to your iOS experience.

From popular jailbreak tools like XinaA15, unc0ver, and Odyssey, to console emulators including Delta, RetroArch, Happy Chick, DolphiniOS, PPSSPP, and iNDS - GBox grants you access to a wealth of IPA files, all managed in one easy-to-navigate location.

Effortlessly create custom sources with download links to your favorite IPA files, and utilize the download manager to swiftly access and transfer packages between devices. GBox also extends support for Anti-Revoke tweaks, ensuring a secure installation process on your jailbroken device.

Concerned about certificate revokes? Fear not! GBox enables you to install apps and games without certificate checks, safeguarding your uninterrupted experience. While GBox provides a globally available enterprise certificate by default, you can also purchase more durable certificates for extended usage.

GBox's certification management system, easily accessible through the Settings pane, lets you maintain and manage certificates, ensuring consistent access to IPA files. And now, GBox is integrated with, the largest and oldest IPA database, enhancing your installation options.

For those seeking advanced features, ESign app serves as a fantastic alternative to GBox. With the ability to modify IPA files, inject dylibs, and remove restrictions, ESign offers unparalleled versatility for installing apps and games on your iOS device.

Embrace the future of IPA signing with GBox! Simplify your iOS experience, sideload your favorite apps and tweaks, and never worry about revokes again. Try GBox now and take control of your iOS journey like never before!

Compatibility iOS & iPadOS:

iOS 16.0 | iOS 16.0.1 | iOS 16.0.2| iOS 16.1 | iOS 16.1.1 | iOS 16.1.2
iOS 15.0 | iOS 15.0.1 | iOS 15.0.2 | iOS 15.1 | iOS 15.2 | iOS 15.2.1 | iOS 15.3 | iOS 15.3.1 | iOS 15.4 | iOS 15.4.1 | iOS 15.5 | iOS 15.6 | iOS 15.6.1 | iOS 15.7 | iOS 15.7.1 | iOS 15.7.2| iOS 15.7.3| iOS 15.7.4 | iOS 15.7.5 | iOS 15.7.6 | iOS 15.7.7
iOS 14.0 | iOS 14.0.1 | iOS 14.1 | iOS 14.2 | iOS 14.3 | iOS 14.4 | iOS 14.4.1 | iOS 14.4.2 | iOS 14.5 | iOS 14.5.1 | iOS 14.6 | iOS 14.7 | iOS 14.7.1 | iOS 14.8 | iOS 14.8.1

Compatibility Devices:

iPhone 13 | iPhone 13 Mini | iPhone 13 Pro | iPhone 13 Pro Max
iPhone 12 | iPhone 12 Mini | iPhone 12 Pro | iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 11 Pro Max | iPhone 11 Pro | iPhone 11
iPhone Xs | iPhone Xs Max | iPhone XR | iPhone X
iPhone 8 | iPhone 8 Plus
Phone 7 & 7 Plus, iPhone 6S & 6S Plus, iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, iPhone SE

Check out the latest updates in GBox:

1. GBox TS powered by TrollStore has been upgraded to version 4.3.8.
2. Introducing signature configuration for enhanced customization.
3. Enjoy an optimized certificate management module for smoother operations.
4. No more purchase entrance for redemption codes, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
5. Easily add website sources by copying the website link to the software source.
6. Download files directly from the source for added convenience.
7. New intelligent background task mode switch for improved performance.
8. Now, repair enterprise certificates with ease (compatible with iOS 14.0-15.7.1 and 16.0-16.1.2).
9. Introducing a permanent installation option for long-lasting IPA installations.
10. GBox now fully supports iOS 16, embracing the latest features.
11. Seamlessly use GBox on devices running the latest version of iOS 15.
12. Numerous common bugs have been resolved, ensuring a smoother user experience.
13. GBox is now available in English, catering to a wider audience.
14. Learn how to make the most of the app with included video tutorials.

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