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CheckRa1n Jailbreak emerges as an elite, highly favored jailbreaking tool specifically crafted for 64-bit iOS 14.4 devices. This collaborative project brought together esteemed iOS app developers like axi0mx, siguza, argp, nitoTV, jaywalker, among others. The CheckRa1n tool presents itself as a straightforward semi-untethered jailbreaking solution for 64-bit iOS devices, leveraging the unpatchable Boot-rom exploit known as check8, pioneered by axi0mx. Notably, it's the first application to support jailbreaking iOS 14.5, accommodating a wide array of iOS devices from the iPhone 5s (A5 chip) to the more recent A13 chip-based devices such as iPhone XR, X, 11, and 11 Pro. The support extends to iOS versions 12.3 to 14.5 and introduces the Sileo Jailbreak app store, a worthy alternative to the Cydia store.

Compared to other jailbreaking applications like Chimera, Electra, and Unc0ver, CheckRa1n operates as a tethered Jailbreak. A tethered Jailbreak refers to a permanent, irreversible jailbreak process, meaning a return to your original stock firmware is not possible. The appeal of this permanent status lies in its immunity to Apple's patching and its ability to halt iOS updates to your device, effectively making it a lifetime jailbreak.

Unveiling the Facts about CheckRa1n Jailbreak

CheckRa1n stands as a semi-tethered, permanent jailbreak solution for all iOS devices running on A5-A11 chips. It's reliant on the Checkm8 bootrom exploit, which is fundamentally unpatchable, and requires a hardware replacement for remediation. CheckRa1n, also referred to as check rain jailbreak, offers a versatile tool for these devices.

Upon successfully completing the Checkra1n jailbreaking process, Cydia, a package manager, will automatically be installed on your device. As of now, Sileo and other package managers are incompatible with CheckRa1n.

The masterminds behind CheckRa1n include a diverse group of developers, such as axi0mX, the developer of the Checkm8 exploit, Luca Todesco (qwertyoruiopz), Argp, danyl931, jaywalker, kirb, littlelailo, nitoTV, nullpixel, pimskeks, sbingner, siguza, haifisch, jndok, jonseals, xerub, lilstevie, psychotea, sferrini, Cellebrite, and many more.

CheckRa1n shares similarities with older jailbreaks, including BlackRa1n, limera1n, and purplera1n. These earlier jailbreaks, based on the bootrom exploit by George Hotz (geohot), allowed the selection of the package manager and enabled jailbreaking on all iOS devices running iOS 3.1, 3.1.1, and 3.1.2. CheckRa1n continues this tradition, promising the future integration of the Zebra package manager.

The Checkm8 exploit, which underpins CheckRa1n's development, leads to a tethered jailbreak. Historically, tethered jailbreaks require the device to be connected to a computer each time it boots or the battery drains, as it relies on the jailbreak app for booting. This procedure, however, isn't entirely practical. Over time, untethered jailbreaks gained popularity for their hassle-free nature and ability to reboot without any problems. The semi-untethered method, which requires running the jailbreak app for activation without the need for computer support, has also gained popularity recently. CheckRa1n is developed as a semi-tethered jailbreak due to the presence of a jailbreak app.

The CheckRa1n jailbreak is anticipated to be compatible with future iOS versions, owing to its foundation on the unpatchable bootrom exploit. Since bootrom is the initial substantial code that runs on an iOS device, this hardware-based jailbreak is unpatchable and cannot be rectified with a software update.

Compatibility iOS & iPadOS:

iOS 12.0 | iOS 12.0.1 | iOS 12.1 | iOS 12.1.1 | iOS 12.1.2 | iOS 12.1.3 | iOS 12.1.4 | iOS 12.2 | iOS 12.3 | iOS 12.3.1 | iOS 12.4 | iOS 12.4.1 | iOS 12.4.2
iOS 13.0 | iOS 13.1 | iOS 13.1.1 | iOS 13.1.2 | iOS 13.1.3 | iOS 13.2 | iOS 13.2.2 | iOS 13.2.3 | iOS 13.3 | iOS 13.3.1 | iOS 13.4 | iOS 13.4.1 | iOS 13.5 | iOS 13.5.1 | iOS 13.6 | iOS 13.6.1 | iOS 13.7
iOS 14.0 | iOS 14.0.1 | iOS 14.1 | iOS 14.2 | iOS 14.3 | iOS 14.4 | iOS 14.4.1 | iOS 14.4.2 | iOS 14.5 | iOS 14.5.1 | iOS 14.6 | iOS 14.7 | iOS 14.7.1 | iOS 14.8 | iOS 14.8.1

Compatibility Devices:

iPhone 5S
iPhone 6 | iPhone 6 Plus | iPhone 6S | iPhone 6S Plus |
iPhone SE (1st)
iPhone 7 | iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 8 | iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone X
iPad Mini 2 | iPad Mini 3 | iPad Mini 4 |
iPad 5th
iPad 6th
iPad 7th
iPad Mini 4
iPad Air | iPad Air 2
iPad Pro 1st | iPad Pro 2nd |
iPod Touch 6 | iPod Touch 7

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