KFDFontOverwrite IPA

KFDFontOverwrite IPA

Change Fonts Without Jailbreak [KFD Kernel Exploits]
KFDFontOverwrite IPA

What is KFDFontOverwrite?

KFDFontOverwrite, a complimentary font alteration tool for iOS, integrates the original WDBFontOverwrite source code, the powerful KFD exploit, xsf1re's repository, and Little_34306's offset contributions. Borrowing from the initial project, KFDFontOverwrite effortlessly substitutes system fonts with a variety of pre-designed fonts or allows users to incorporate their custom designs.

The KFD exploit, an innovative project enabling reading and writing of kernel memory on Apple devices, is at the heart of KFDFontOverwrite. This feature is specially constructed for iOS versions 16.5 and earlier and unlocks the potential for font modification and customization on compatible iOS platforms.

Equipped with 9 standard fonts, KFDFontOverwrite, doesn't necessitate a comprehensive jailbreak to revamp system fonts due to its utilization of the KFD exploit. Users also have the freedom to import additional compatible fonts on their iOS 15 - iOS 16 devices, ranging from iPhone XS to iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Although KFDFontOverwrite extends support to all A12 and newer devices, the efficacy of the exploit depends on the availability of corresponding offsets on specific devices. The active community is diligently working on discovering these iDevices offsets; hence patience and staying updated on advancements is advised for best results.

Users should note that the KFD exploit is incompatible with iOS versions 16.5.1 and 16.6 and beyond, due to the implementation of Apple's fixes. The A-Font tweak is a viable alternative for those with jailbroken devices, allowing effortless system font modifications on iOS 13 through iOS 16, and extending its compatibility to the latest iOS 15 rootless Dopamine, Palera1n, and XinaA15 Jailbreak.

KFDFontOverwrite maintains an open-source approach, hosted on a dedicated GitHub Repository, inviting developers and enthusiasts to participate and contribute, encouraging continuous innovation and enhancement.

Though the tool allows modifications in fonts across various components of the iOS system such as Settings, apps, and web browsers, it doesn't apply these changes universally across the system. The final release of KFDFontOverwrite introduces the ability to import custom fonts like SFUI.ttf, emoji font, and PingFang.ttc, broadening the horizon for font customization

For iOS 16.1.2 and below, the original WDBFontOverwrite, which leverages the recent MacDirtyCow kernel exploit for iOS devices, remains a stable and functional alternative on A12+ devices.

Using KFDFontOverwrite

Altering system fonts with KFDFontOverwrite is an uncomplicated task. If your device is compatible, follow the easy steps below to tailor your fonts. If the offset for your iDevice has not yet been identified, kindly wait for the community to add it.

Launch the KFDFontOverwrite application from your device's Home Screen.
Pause for 30 seconds, then click on the 'kopen' button.
Select your preferred fonts.
Click on the 'kclose' button.
KFDFontOverwrite will respring automatically.

Latest Updates

KFDFontOverwrite has been upgraded to version 2.1.0.
New offsets have been included for iPhone XS through iPhone 14 Pro Max running on iOS 16.2 – 16.5.
Offsets for iPhone SE (2022) and iPhone Xr on iOS 16.6b 1 have been added.

Compatibility iOS & iPadOS:

iOS 16.0 | iOS 16.0.1 | iOS 16.0.2| iOS 16.1 | iOS 16.1.1 | iOS 16.1.2 | 16.2 | 16.3 |16.4 | 16.4.1 | 16.5 | 16.5.1 | 16.6 beta 1
iOS 15.0 | iOS 15.0.1 | iOS 15.0.2 | iOS 15.1 | iOS 15.2 | iOS 15.2.1 | iOS 15.3 | iOS 15.3.1 | iOS 15.4 | iOS 15.4.1 | iOS 15.5 | iOS 15.6 | iOS 15.6.1 | iOS 15.7 | iOS 15.7.1 | iOS 15.7.2| iOS 15.7.3| iOS 15.7.4 |iOS 15.7.5

Compatibility Devices:

iPhone 14 | iPhone 14 Plus | iPhone 14 Pro | iPhone 14 Pro Max
iPhone 13 | iPhone 13 Mini | iPhone 13 Pro | iPhone 13 Pro Max
iPhone 12 | iPhone 12 Mini | iPhone 12 Pro | iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 11 Pro Max | iPhone 11 Pro | iPhone 11
iPhone Xs | iPhone Xs Max | iPhone XR


A special thanks to opa334 for providing guidance on file overwriting.
Appreciation is extended to xsf1re and GinsuDev for their contributions.
Credit is also given to zhuowei, the creator of the original WDBFontOverwrite.

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