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KFD Exploit IPA is an emerging exploit with potential applications for future jailbreaking. Up until now, it has been utilized to introduce numerous jailbreak functionalities and features for iPhone and iPad devices. The KFD exploit is currently compatible with iOS versions ranging from 15.5 to 16.6 Beta 1. Here are several operations that the KFD jailbreak exploit can carry out:

  1. Conceal the dock
  2. Remove Torch/Cam from Lock Screen
  3. Hide Homebar
  4. Overwrite default font
  5. Alter screen resolution
  6. Modify Lock Screen button

Kernel File Descriptor (KFD) is a recent exploit engineered by Felix-pb, designed to access and alter kernel memory on Apple devices. The exploit utilizes several potential weak points to gain control over dangling Page Table Entries (PTEs), a method known as Physical Use-After-Free (PUAF) primitive. Subsequently, it reallocates selected kernel objects within these physical pages and directly manipulates them from user space, allowing kernel read/write access.

Developers now utilize this kernel read/write exploit for customizing and tweaking iOS, to modify Home Screen aesthetics, alter hidden system settings, remove Dock background, replace icons, customize Control Center's appearance, and enable Dynamic Island on all iOS 16 devices, among other things. The functionalities achievable using the older MacDirtyCow exploit can be replicated using the KFD exploit, though it necessitates identifying specific offsets.

Felix-pb conveniently incorporates the KFD exploit code into a library, libkfd. Additionally, the project also provides simple executable wrappers for iOS. The exploit has been made open-source under the liberal MIT license and is accessible via a GitHub Repository.

KFD exploit primarily targets two significant vulnerabilities: CVE-2023-32434 and CVE-2023-23536. It can compromise A12 to A16 devices (iPhone XS to iPhone 14), compatible with iOS 16.5 and previous versions, and iOS 16.6 Beta 1. Although KFD might be used to exploit iOS 15, it is recommended to employ the MacDirtyCow exploit for this purpose.