Chicken ButtKFD IPA

Chicken ButtKFD IPA

KFD Kernel Exploits for iOS 16.2-16.6 beta 1
Chicken ButtKFD IPA

What is Chicken-ButtKFD?

The amusingly named Chicken Butt is an innovative tool designed for modifying system settings, developed specifically for iOS 16.5 and earlier versions. The initial version of this app offers vital setup alternatives for Springboard, Lock Icons, and Custom Fonts. It also facilitates the use of Dynamic Island on any device operating on iOS 16.2 or later versions.

LeminLimez is recognized for his remarkable contributions to iOS personalization, regularly introducing innovative and up-to-date tools. His earlier offerings include the groundbreaking MDC exploit, compatible with devices on iOS versions from 15.0 to 15.7.1, as well as 16.0 to 16.1.2. These tools provide users with a wide range of customization options for their iOS devices, negating the need for jailbreak.

Given LeminLimez's history of successful projects, it is expected that Chicken Butt will carry forward the success of its predecessor, Cowabunga. This new initiative aims at more recent firmware, particularly targeting iOS versions 16.2 to 16.5. The iOS enthusiast community is eagerly anticipating the release of Chicken Butt for non-jailbroken iDevices, foreseeing it as a crucial and influential project in the realm of iOS customization.

With Chicken Butt, revamp your Springboard by hiding the dock, home bar, and folder backgrounds, for a more streamlined and minimalistic user experience. Easily enhance your locks by importing locks from TrollLock and personalize frame numbers and animation speeds for a tailored lock screen experience.

The Explore section offers an extensive selection of themes for locks. Join our Discord community to share your unique creations. Apart from these Springboard and Lock features, Chicken Butt also extends access to Custom Fonts, enabling you to express your personal style.

KFD, the acronym for kernel file descriptor, is a groundbreaking project that has redefined the way kernel memory is read and written on Apple devices. Chicken Butt's KFD is compatible with all A12-A16 devices (from iPhone Xs to iPhone 14 Pro Max) operating on iOS 16.2 – iOS 16.5 & iOS 16.6 Beta 1.

Chicken Butt was launched as an open-source project accessible through GitHub. This KFD ToolBox for iOS 16.2 – iOS 16.5 borrows a lot of code from Cowabunga and uses KFDFontOverwrite for the necessary offsets to read and write memory on Apple devices. Currently, iPads are not supported. If the app does not work despite having your offsets, you can raise an issue on GitHub.

The recent release of Chicken Butt version 1.1 brings an array of enhancements and novel features! This update introduced two notable additions: Dynamic Island and X Gestures. Also, all Springboard Tools from Cowabunga were integrated into Chicken Butt. Moreover, the offset library was expanded with additional offsets. Adapt your new iOS/iPadOS devices using the KFD R/W kernel exploit for a tailored KFD Jailbreak experience.

Key Features of Chicken-ButtKFD

Hide dock and home bar options
Conceal folder backgrounds
Advanced lock customizations with TrollLock integration
Options for custom frames and animation speeds
Discover and install themes
Personalized font options
Modify your Settings App

Installation Guide for Chicken-ButtKFD IPA File

Deploy IPA files using AltStore Tool
Implement IPA files via Sideloadly Tool

Compatibility with iOS

From iOS 16.0 through 16.5, including 16.6 beta 1
Covers iOS 15.5 and up, including iOS 15.6 / 15.6.1

Supported Devices

Range of iPhones from iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, through to iPhone 14 Pro Max, including all models in between. The Chicken-ButtKFD tool has you covered for all your customization needs

What's new

Upgraded Chicken Butt to Version 1.1.
Incorporated Dynamic Island and X Gestures.
Integrated all Springboard Tools from Cowabunga MDC.
Introduced exploit preferences.
Expanded the library with additional offsets.

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  • Platform: iOS
  • Developer:@LeminLimez
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